I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Gender + the Economy, University of Toronto. My research operates at the intersection of the sociologies of work and culture. Using this lens provides theoretical insight into how cultural mechanisms shape inequality and mediate uncertainty in mass media and organizational contexts.  My dissertation uses the case of digitalization in the music industry - the transition from CDs to MP3s - to examine how conventions and discourse mediate tensions between competing understandings of uncertainty and change. And in another series of projects, I examine how the cultural schemas underlying mass media representations serve to reproduce intersectional inequalities along lines of parenthood, gender, race, and age.

My current SSHRC-funded project extends my interest in culture and organizations to a consideration of gender inequality in the workplace. Through in-depth interviews with employees working in a large corporation, I am analyzing how workplace cultures and routines inform parents’ perceptions and uses of flexible work arrangements, in light of the competing norms they confront in their paid and unpaid work.


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